Here's why you should vote for him:

* Art's 43 years in law enforcement have seen him escorting firetrucks in the burning streets of L.A. during the Rodney King riots. He's survived violence in the line of duty and served during natural disasters that destroyed a city's infrastructure. He's seen how bad things can be and knows that planning and training are necessities. 

* Art has a natural drive to be of service. He is forever looking for opportunities to make things better and he's willing to do the hard work to make positive change real.

* Art's values are in line with the values of the Democratic party. He is committed to leading change in the JCSO so that all people in our county are served with respect, compassion, and dignity.

* Art is a skilled investigator. His dedication to finding the truth have led to conviction of the guilty and exoneration of the innocent. Year after year after year.

* Art has the necessary skill set to lead the Sheriff's office to full accreditation and to supply the leadership and guidance needed to foster a culture of professionalism and impeccable service.

* Art will fight to make sure all staff have the gear and the training they need to meet the needs of the community, and to come home safe at the end of their shift.

* Art respects you enough to tell you what he believes to be true, rather than to say what he thinks you want to hear.

It's not pleasant to hear that the JCSO can't just continue to do what it's always done. But it can't. The world of law enforcement has been upended in the last few years through new legislation and some major court decisions that have totally changed the rules. And our culture is in flux; we can no longer trust that the norms of civil behavior will prevent trouble. Art Frank sees the need to better prepare our law enforcement personnel to keep us safe. His mission-Respond and Resolve - is his answer.

Please vote Art Frank for Jefferson County Sheriff.