Performance Issues Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

Law enforcement is unprepared for active shooter events

Currently, JCSO has no plan for active shooter events. As sheriff, Art will develop these plans.

To date, JCSO has had little training for active shooter events. As sheriff, Art will provide this training.

Currently, JCSO lacks appropriate protective equipment for active shooter events. As sheriff, Art will equip deputies with modern ballistic helmets, hearing protection/communication headsets, and improved body armor.


Some communities feel unsupported

BRINNON: A parent called 911 to report a teen child’s suicide threat. Rather than drive out, the assigned deputy phoned the parent, spoke to the teen, and took no further action–failing to connect a suicidal person to services. When the same deputy failed to handle a theft case involving the family, JCSO reassigned the case to Detective Art Frank, who connected the teen to services.

COYLE: See ROAD HAZARD on service failures page

SCHOOLS: Local school officials complain the current sheriff does not return their calls, and that JCSO is slow to respond when schools call for assistance.

WOMEN: A women’s community in the county has found JCSO often fails to resolve their 911 calls.

Staff morale is not connected to performance

JCSO staff morale should reflect JCSO performance. Currently, JCSO is underperforming, as shown by the failed 911 responses described on the service failures page (see ROAD HAZARD, HATE CRIME, FRAUD & FORGERY, SCHOOL VIOLENCE, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, THEFT).

How many 911 calls go unresolved? Nobody knows–not even the current sheriff, because he doesn’t track this data. At the League of Women Voters forum on July 11, 2022, Joe Nole said, “I don't know how many calls go unresolved…. there's a lot of reasons why people may complain about their calls going unresolved… if someone calls 911, a deputy doesn't always go to their house afterwards to tell them what happened.”

Your tax dollars are wasted

In 2022, JCSO spent $4,000 to give “challenge coins” to staff. This was an illegal gift of public funds. In more functional public agencies, benevolent associations or the staff members themselves pay for challenge coins not given as special commendations.

JCSO spends most of its $7 million annual budget on staff. Your hard-earned tax dollars get wasted every time JCSO fails to resolve 911 calls. As sheriff, Art will make sure JCSO responds to and resolves every 911 call, every time. This will ensure that every penny in JCSO’s budget is invested in making your family and community safer.