“As a retired metropolitan police officer, and former trainer of police tactics, including active shooter response, I was shocked to learn Jefferson County Sheriff's Department has no rapid intervention plan for active shooter/school shooter situations. All deputies should have annual training on this type of response and be current in the use of rapid intervention tactics.
I believe Art Frank in his commitment to bring the department up to date in national standards for plans, training and tactics. We have seen, nationally, what can happen when plans are not in place when a mass casualty situation arises.
Art Frank cares for the community, and YOU!”

- Erik Salisbury


“Art Frank is the real deal…he lives to protect your family, your community and you. You are not just voting for a Sheriff with a vast decorated career in one of the toughest public safety sectors in America. You are voting for a Sheriff with the most experience and knowledge in responding to some of America’s most challenging events in recent history. This is exactly what I am looking for in a leader of our Public Safety Joint Command for Jefferson County. A leader who can prepare his deputies, work with local Fire Districts, and ensure our community will be safe for incidents involving active shooters, Wildland fires, civil unrest, and law enforcement reform.

As a career firefighter with the Renton Regional Fire Authority, I am extremely impressed with Art’s care and concern for our community. He is definitely a leader I would stand with in any incident. I have full confidence in his abilities to resolve the most challenging of events. His experience is truly a treasure for our little town here in Jefferson County.

A vote for Art Frank, is a vote for your safety…”

- Lieutenant Dan Powell
  Renton Regional Fire Authority
  Resident of Marrowstone Island


“In my work with Art I have found him to be well informed, deliberate, courteous, and professional.” 

– Janet Welch


“Art's platform is spot on.  The culture of the department needs a reframe. Responses need to be about the community and its residents not just what is convenient for deputies.  More care and concern is needed. Art can deliver the level of engagement we deserve.”

- Kristina Mayer


“As a former county commissioner, I have worked  with Art  when he served as the Undersheriff; as a member of the Quilcene community dependent on our Fire department and his guidance as Fire Commissioner; and as a friend who observes his devotion to both family and his calling in law enforcement. He has both compassion and professionalism, experience and willingness to take on more leadership in these changing times. Jefferson County needs his vision and abilities to work with all the agencies and citizens to better respond and resolve the challenges of public safety.”

- Kathleen Kler


“Professionalism, humility and leadership are key ingredients of quality law enforcement officers.  Art Frank has demonstrated an abundance of these qualities during his distinguished career.  As the son of a noted criminal justice professor, I am pleased to endorse Art Frank for Jefferson County Sheriff.”

- John Fabian


“Effective law enforcement works for the community it serves, and I can think of no person better that will be more effective as your Sheriff than Art Frank.

As a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles, I’ve worked and known Art for almost 15 years.  For six of those years, we were joined at the hip as Art ran the largest most complex criminal investigation in Los Angeles County.  This Task Force comprised of local, state and federal agencies, solved eleven murders and attempted murders and took 17 killers off the street.  With his outstanding leadership, keen intellect, and hard work, Art and his team brought a measure of closure to the families of these victims.

It is precisely his leadership of this Task Force that will make Art such an outstanding Sheriff.  Art knows how to motivate people.  He knows how to get the best out of each person and make use of their talents.  Most importantly for a person running an organization like your Sheriff’s Department, Art knows how to keep everyone moving in the right direction to accomplish the mission.

Besides leadership and brains, Art also brings an unwavering commitment and willingness to do the right thing even when it is unpopular or not expedient.  In my 27 years as a Deputy DA, I have never met a police officer more committed to doing what is right and what is fair than Art Frank.   It is driven by a desire to serve and to serve all the People, be they victims, witnesses or even defendants.  I have personally seen Art – at great personal cost – advocate for a position that was not popular but was right.  Several years ago, our office charged a defendant with a particularly heinous murder, but Art was not convinced we had the right person.  The community wanted the crime solved and the evidence against the accused was strong.  Our office was convinced we had the right person and Art’s comments to the contrary were not well received.  Nonetheless, Art continued his investigation and eventually marshaled the evidence necessary to show the person charged was in fact innocent.   That took a lot of guts on Art’s behalf and is just one example of his absolute commitment to  fairness and justice, even when doing so is not easy or popular.   

Finally, justice requires compassion and an empathy to see people -whatever their place in life – as unique individuals, worthy of respect.  At well over six feet, Art is an imposing figure.  Yet he is one of the calmest most compassionate people I’ve ever met.  He treats everyone – victim, witness and the accused - with the same level of dignity and respect that we would all want.  In one case he repeatedly drove a witness back and forth to another county – easily over 300 miles every day for four days because she was scared to be in Los Angeles.  He didn’t have to do this, yet his commitment to understanding the plight of this witness and his willingness to listen to her concerns speaks volumes of his empathy and compassion for everyday people.

Jefferson County has a choice in a few weeks.  Electing Art Frank for Sheriff will ensure its you get outstanding law enforcement that serves, protects and elevates all the people in your community – each and every on.”

- Steve Dickman, Deputy District Attorney
Los Angeles County District Attorneys Office
Organized Crime Division


“I highly endorse Art Frank for Sheriff!

As a retired military surgeon who served in Beirut, the Gulf War, Somalia, 3 deployments to Iraq, and in Afghanistan, I learned to recognize great leadership, and Art Frank has those qualities! Art has the knowledge, experience and skills to lead the Sheriff’s Department. Art leads by example, is a man of integrity, has a calm demeanor, and treats all with dignity and respect.

Art cares for our communities, not only as a law enforcement officer, but as one who desires that our communities build cohesiveness, compassion and resilience. He has served as a volunteer fireman and EMT for Quilcene Fire and Rescue. Art serves as a fire commissioner for Jefferson Fire District #2. He is a strong supporter of Emergency Preparedness here on the Toandos Peninsula and for Jefferson County. I urge you to vote for Art Frank for Sheriff, for building a stronger and resilient Jefferson County.”

- HR Bohman, MD, FACS (Ret)



“My concern is our Sheriff’s office being available to respond to emergencies in a timely matter. In my previous experience they pick and choose. It is very hard to find any information on our current Sheriff. I will be voting for Art Frank.”

- Robin Hardman


“We need a sheriff that is forward thinking and doesn't fall back on the status quo. We need plans for the growth of our community. Vote Art Frank for Sheriff!”

- Cyndi Parido


“We have known Art Frank and his wife Anna and two daughters, Eugenia and Viola, since they moved to Jefferson County and can affirm that this is a family who truly believes in community service.  From their involvement in the local schools and service organizations to their leadership roles in public offices, their passion for helping others is consistent and exceptional. Therefore it comes as no surprise to us that Art Frank's vision for improving the running of the Sheriff's office is one that exemplifies his compassionate character, common sense civility and committed work ethic . We strongly encourage our friends in the community to support Art Frank and help him bring out the best in our community's relationship with local law enforcement.”

- Nicole & Jim Fox


“I have known Art Frank for over 35 years and I can tell you that Art is a true professional.  He has always been a straight shooter that wants bad guys in jail and compassion for the victims.  I remember Art helping a shooting victim who barely missed death on the freeway get back on the road again. Her windshield was shot out and he paid for a new one out of his pocket in order for her to go home to her family.  He has always had the common sense  and intelligence to solve cases and put together cases that would put the bad guys in jail.”

- Foster Dennis


“I believe Art Frank, as our sheriff, is better equipped to handle any real life situation that might arise regardless of our complacent  "it can't happen here" frame of mind. He has the EXPERIENCE--and enough of an imagination to create a fully prepared police force to deal with the big possibilities, all the while  embracing our small town day to day issues and concerns. I would feel safe with Frank.”

- Nancy Botta


“I have known Art Frank for a few years now, he has always been nice and treats everybody as if you’re an equal.”

- James Pinks


“I am confident by my own experience that Art is a man of commitment and dedication to his family, friends and to his duty. He is exceptionally available to those in need and will bring a tremendous level of experience and vision to the office as our sheriff and to those under his leadership.”

- Cherylann Schmitt


“You learn things by listening.

Many years ago I was at the counter of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, filling out a Specialty Forest Products form for huckleberry harvesting.

As I waited for the clerk to process paperwork, a towering Deputy came through the door to interview two highly agitated women in the lobby.  They were clearly upset and sounded fairly "out there" with wild accusations, comments of invoking spirits, brutality by said spirits, et al.

My initial heightened concern was immediately put to rest by this Deputy as he sat down, placed his notepad on the floor and just concentrated on them. He listened intently, exuding a depth of calm and assurance that had both women mellowed out in short order, able to explain their true issues coherently. He gave their voices respect. Both seemed very grateful for his reassuring demeanor.

As the clerk passed my paperwork through the glass barrier, she smiled in the Deputy's direction. We gave each other knowing looks ...a situation that felt  bad turned out surprisingly well.

He listened, learned, respected and assisted. I observed and was impressed.

Little did I know all these years later I would be throwing my support fully behind this kind, insightful gentleman for Sheriff of Jefferson County.

Art Frank.  He's got what it takes.  He listens.”

- Karen A. Grooms


“As a retired law enforcement officer I wholeheartedly support Art Frank for Sheriff of Jefferson County. Policing has changed and Art will bring positive advancement to the department.”

- Brian Ritchie


“A man of integrity, compassion and kindness.” 

- Charlene Pinks


“In 58 years I only really only needed help from the Law one time but in that time my Wife and I really needed help.

The officer who responded was Jefferson County Sheriff Detective Art Frank. Art was amazing, reassuring, supportive, honest and committed to helping us. He devoted countless hours working on our behalf.  He helped us mitigate the problem and arrive in a better situation.

We observed, first hand, that Art embodies what a peace officer should be.  We feel that he is the kind of professional that MUST be the role model for our future officers and the one setting the standard and the vision for the Sheriff’s department for our county.

Our county is changing and evolving quickly.  We need someone with broad experience but a commitment to act locally for ALL stake holders in our community. We need a Leader that other officers view as a mentor.  One who inspires respect in the community.  We need a Sheriff who will move forward with us.  We need Art Frank as our Sheriff.”

- Mike Mulligan


“Art is an amazing mentor in my law enforcement career. His experience and knowledge of policing is incredible, but he also treats those he comes in contact with dignity, compassion and respect. Art was my detective partner as well as my undersheriff. I am a better law enforcement officer because of his leadership, example and experience. I know Art will have the same effect on the deputies that work for him.”

- Joe Pursley


“Art and I worked together on the citizens committee that advised the Jefferson County Commissioners about revisions to the County Code about shooting ranges. The very first time I met him during one of the dozens of committee meetings he predicted that the ultimate choice by the Commissioners would be to limit future shooting ranges to indoor only. That prediction is like Art: excellent long range vision and practical solutions to difficult questions. He cuts to the chase.”

- Tom Richardson


“After discussing the issues with Art and reviewing the reasons I opposed Joe Nole in 2018, I believe Art has the skills, knowledge, and experience to be the most effective sheriff for all of us.”

- David Tonkin


“Art cares deeply about the citizens of Jefferson County and their safety. He cares just as deeply about the folks that work for the Sheriffs Department. His dedication to law enforcement is unmatched. He is the right man for the job!”

- Mara Vinnedge


“I’ve enjoyed knowing Arthur personally for over thirty years. If you’ve met him, you know that just being in his presence makes a person of any background feel a little safer. You would think his large stature would make him intimidating, but he’s accessible and friendly while still towering over those around him. If more women and men were like him in law enforcement, you would feel less of the enforcement and more of the peacekeeping skills that only a truly caring, experienced professional with ties to the community can pull off.”

- Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt


“‘Respond and Resolve’ Now that’s a mission everyone can accept! Jefferson County will feel totally secure having Art Frank as its very experienced, compassionate and hard-working sheriff.”

- Ken Schwartz


“I am a descendant of early pioneers in Jefferson County. If you’ve heard of the name Bishop, Van Trojen or, of course, Ammeter you know my family. I’ve known both Art and his wife, Anna for several years. I know of his dedication to honest and thorough policing. I heartedly endorse him for our next Sheriff and I ask you to cast your vote for him as well.”

- John Ammeter


“I have known Art for close to 30 years. I cannot think of a person who is better suited to the job of sheriff. He is solution oriented and his intelligence and expertise are unparalleled.”

- Sally Hodges


“I’ve known Art and his wife Anna for 7 years, they are people of extreme integrity. They mean what they say and they say what they mean. Art will make a great sheriff and he is big and tall. I call him my statue of liberty.”

- Jon Langdon


“Cast your vote for Art Frank, Jefferson County Sheriff!”

- Kris Montgomery


“I have witnessed, first hand, the passion Art has for his work in law enforcement. His empathy for literally all parties at an incident scene is something to be looked up to. If all law enforcement could be like Art, the world be a better place. I’m endorsing Art because the speed of the boss is the speed of the crew.”

- Thane Grooms


“Art Frank has my enthusiastic endorsement for Sheriff. With his experience, intelligence, compassion and integrity, he is exactly who I want as the leader of law enforcement in my community.” 

- Sarah Martin


“Jefferson County will be so lucky to have Art Frank as Sheriff! We’ve known him to be a dedicated, intelligent, and caring law enforcement servant for decades.”

- Jennie and Chris Ellis



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